Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Google Music... what's the big song and dance?

I posted recently that Google's Music search has launched. Unlike most Google products (search, GMail, Maps, and, eh, Wave?), it's kind of underwhelming. You type in the name of a song or an artist and you get to listen to the song.
Maybe - sometimes you only get a 30 sec clip.

I can get 30 second clips (of more songs) on iTunes.
I can get full songs on LaLa, GrooveShark, Rhapsody/iLike.
I can listen to as often as I want on YouTube, TubeRadio, and Spotify (if I live in Europe or am a hacker).
I can even download them (in case you didn't know) on BeeMP3, MP3Raid, BitTorrent, LimeWire, Gnutella, eMule, etc. etc. etc.

And I'm not the first to complain about this watered down, industry serving jive.

So what's the big deal?

I would say that Google's music offering in the US is music search - if you know what you're looking for, Google will help you listen to or (they hope) buy it in a nice, familiar gInterface.
What I'd like to see - and what Google have launched in China to compete with search leader Baidu - is music discovery. I want to be able to search for "funky bluegrass that will get my hoedown party going" or "mellow romantic tunes that will get this girl to fall in love / go to bed with me". Google can't do that.

-- "Where can one search for music with words", I hear you ask?
-- Why, Herd It's music discovery engine of course!
I've built a music search engine where you can find any music, even unknown, MySpace, long-tail, no-hopes, by using words to describe what you want to hear. It's going to change the way people discover music. The discovery engine is in Beta testing right now so sign up to check it out. Or, to get a taste of what we're up to, you can try the fabulous Herd It color search demo - it's magically musicalicous!


James L. Boucher said...

I am php developer of pepperoni mp3. If you are interest -- replay to this post and I'll contact you.
Maybe we can make it together ;)

Luke said...

Hi James,

cool site! looks like you've done some great mining.
I'm certainly interested to learn more about what you've got planned for Pepperoni and how we might be able to deploy our music search algorithms. Get in touch.