Saturday, September 13, 2008

Tetrion at the Burn

Among the many, many awesome sights at this year's Burning Man, my favourite has to have been the Tetrion by Jim Abrams - a gigantic, interactive Tetris game.

Imagine the sight of huge tetris blocks glowing from far across the playa. Now you climb a ladder and get on top of one block where each section is 10 feet long - so the 4-block in the centre stands 4-storeys high. And then, the ultimate delight, there is actually a live, playable game being projected onto two sides of the center block! 2 minutes to get as many lines as possible. It was art and fun and overall genius.

And, of course, there was a massive rave there on the night of the burn...

Check out me not doing very well, despite the heckles!

Tetris Installation at Burning Man 2008 from Damien O'Malley on Vimeo.

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